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Sala Ovale

The light sockets from the top and the domed ceiling supported by caryatids are clearly inspired cantoniana. Area 200 sqm. Capacity 160/200 people. It is used for gala dinners or conferences, The excellent acoustics makes it also ideal for recording music, and concerts.

Sala Albero

Started the first 800 is today in his capacity as the late nineteenth century. Mq.108 surface. Capacity: From 80 to 120 people, ideal for dinners or conferences.

Sala Diana

Frescoes from the late '700 feature lighting radiated from the vaulted dome. Surface of 60 square meters. Capacity: 40 seats at the table and 50 in the conference.


Illuminated and accomplished example of neoclassical interior, Palazzo Cattaneo is the result of the transformation desired by the Marquis Antonio, of the original building, formed Dall'Avo Francis welding together two properties, of which the most important acquired by Ariberti between the street and the district Oscasali Sforzosa today via Milazzo.


The Marquis Cattaneo, a figure of enlightened aristocrat, lover of music and the arts, he tried, with jobs that lasted from 1788 to the first decade of the nineteenth century, a worthy venue for its collections of paintings, musical instruments, and meetings of 'Accademia Filarmonica.

Garden and rooms

The view of the garden, with the Red Gallery, the Arms Room and the Green Room is back to 1802 and later, in 1869, it is the facade on Via Oscasali, modest enough not to let even suspect the refined interiors. On it opens the Hall Tree, completed or perhaps partly rebuilt shortly afterwards by the heirs of Cattaneo, the Ala Ponzone, to complete a curious transformation - now relaxed now camouflage - which gave the building, finishing and adding layers to existing buildings, its current appearance.


The Accademia Filarmonica met in the first half of the nineteenth century in the Oval Room, a characteristic such as the Hall of Diana, to his enlightenment that comes down from above, from the windows of the dome, between the caryatids of inspiration cantoniana.